New Launch: Helicopter Tours

BREAKING NEWS!ULYSSE TOUR Travel Agency is launching a brand new project in collaboration with UZBEKISTAN AIRWAYS – Exceptional Helicopter Tours to the secret nature locations which are protected by the government to save their purity. Travelers will ...

"Kupkari" - the Game for Real Men

"Kupkari" is an ancient traditional Central Asian team competition. The name of the game is translated as "cause of many". It is a kind of game that only a group of males is allowed to play in the position of riding horse. Usually, the number of part ...

Navruz - Beginning of New Life

This is one of the most ancient holidays on Earth, symbolizing the beginning of a new life. The official status of Navruz was acquired by the Achaemenids in the Persian Empire (VI-IV centuries BC). Navruz Festival was included in UNESCO List of Intan ...

Treasures of the Eastern Bazaars

Ikat and SusaneThe patterns of Uzbek fabric are diverse - they reflect the nature, optimism, and liveliness of the country. It is a national symbol of the Uzbek people. Taking the fabric home, you will also bring a piece of the bright sun, cool of ro ...

Fascinating Facts about Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is Central Asia’s most populous country.The country is one of only two double-landlocked countries in the world. Liechtenstein is double landlocked by 2 countries whilst Uzbekistan is surrounded by 5! The residents of Uzbekistan enjoy long ...

The Taste of Uzbek Cuisine

Let us introduce you Top 10 most delicious and popular national dishes to taste during your travel days in Uzbekistan. So, pack your appetite and let’s go!1. NarynNaryn is a famous dish in Central Asia. It is cooked in different ways, depending on th ...

The Salty Aral Sea

The Aral Sea is translated as “Sea of islands” by virtue of nearly 1000 islands surround it. The lake has other names as well, for example, Arabs call it "Khwarazm", while Russians call it "Blue Sea".Today, what remains of the large inland lake is a ...

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