Highlights of the Capital
Trip Length 3 hours +
Trip Style Transit Tour
Itinerary Tashkent
Best Time to Travel All year round
Maximum Number of Passengers up to 20 people in one group
Price 70$

If you have a couple of free hours between your flights in Tashkent, as well as permission to leave the transit zone, BINGO!

Sometimes it's pretty boring to wait for a connecting flight. Instead, the Ulysse Tour invites you to travel around the elegant capital.

During the transit tour in Tashkent, our team will meet you at the airport, hold an interesting city tour, make a reservation at a good restaurant for lunch/dinner for you and then take you back to the airport. This is a great opportunity to explore the highlights of the capital and feel vibes of the Eastern mega-city.


ULYSSE TOUR representatives will meet you at the airport.

City tour:

Khast Imam Square - the Muslim center of Tashkent
The circle of Amir Timur - the central part of the city

Transfer to the restaurant for lunch or dinner.

The Assumption Cathedral - the largest Russian Orthodox church in the country

Transfer to the airport.

- Reservation at a restaurant;
- Entrance fees to all listed above sights;
- Meeting and seeing off at airport;
- Air tickets;
  1. Citizens of the following countries enjoy visa-free travel: Israel, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Japan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.
  2. In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, foreign citizens of countries that are not included in the above list and stateless persons can enter Uzbekistan only if they have entry visa.
  3. The current tour requires at least 7 transit hours in Tashkent.

Upon request

The duration of the tour, the number of excursions, tourist facilities, vehicles, as well as the services of a guide speaking a different language, can be changed in accordance with the wishes of a customer. At the same time, the cost of the tour will vary depending on the level of personalization.

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