Along the Caravan Trails
Trip Length 15 days
Trip Style Аdventure Tour
Itinerary Tashkent, Beldersai Mountains, Bukhara, Kyzylkum Desert, Samarkand
Best Time to Travel Spring - Autumn
Maximum Number of Passengers up to 16 people in each group
Price Upon request$

Once Samarkand and Bukhara were big shopping centers on the Silk Road. Tradesmen, philosophers, scientists, monks, and regular strangers stopped there after an exhausting journey through the deserts to rest from incredible heat in the summer and horrifying cold in winter. People from all over the world were interested in that territory. Someone contributed to the development of the area, while others were destroying it. Despite this, madrassas and mausoleums with decorations from glazed ceramics, blue domes and mosques with elegant minarets still resemble peaceful times and souls of inhabitants from prosperous periods.

During the adventure tour to Uzbekistan, you will learn the history of these cities, walk along the beautiful Chimgan Mountains, from the top of which you can see the landscapes of two neighboring countries, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. You will go to the side of the Nurata Mountains with untouched nature. That area is undiscovered by tourists. You will believe it once you meet locals who observe you with surprised looks. After passing the mountain village you will enter the Kizil Kum Desert - one of the largest in Central Asia. There will be a chance to ride Bactrian camels towards Aidarkul Lake through sand dunes with interesting flora and fauna. A walk in the desert of Kizil Kum will substitute a time travel: you will get straight to the ancient center of the empire of Amir Timur.

This tour is not about mass touristic routes but is an authentic trip which allows to get away from civilization and get in touch with pure nature. New acquaintances, new knowledge about this region, perhaps even self-cognition - wherever you and your backpack keep your way, you will definitely get valuable experience.


Arrival in Tashkent. ULYSSE TOUR Team will meet you at the airport. Transfer to the hotel and Check-in. Night stay in Tashkent.

Breakfast at the hotel. City tour:

Museum of Applied Arts
Astronaut's Square
Administration of the President
Independence Square
National Library
Amir Timur’s Square
Opera and Ballet Theater of Alisher Navoi

Free time for lunch. City tour:

Eastern Bazaar Chorsu
Khast Imam Ensemble

Night stay in Tashkent.

Trekking: Distance – 15 km, Duration – 4-5 hours, +800(+500 on cableway & +300 on foot)/-600 meters above sea level.

Breakfast at the hotel and Check-out. Ride to the mountains of Chimgan (Distance – 90 km, Duration – 2 hours). Arrival at the foot of Beldersay Gorge (1520 m). We will use cableway to get to the higher point (2100 m). The ride will take 25 min, after which we will be able to see a wonderful panoramic view of Chirchik River valley and Chimgan village. Trekking to Beldersay peak. An old spherical weather station is located there (2300 m). It has been functioning since the times of the Soviet Union. As for the view, Tien Shan Mountains, valleys and rivers of Beldersay, Aksakaty, and Chirchik will be seen from there. We will breeze clean air and enjoy a picnic at that location.

Trekking to Mramorny River, while admiring the beautiful views of juniper groves. Descent to the valley of the river Beldersay, where we’ll meet local nomads, pasturing cattle, and rest by the river. Next, ascent to Urtakumbel Pass (1835 m) and descent to the valley of Mramorny River. Setting a camp at an altitude of 1700 m. Time for dinner. Night stay in tents.

NOTE: Due to weather conditions, the mountain guide has the right to change the route and arrange overnight in the cottages.

Trekking: Duration – 4-5 hours

Time for breakfast and packing. Trekking to Chimgan Village. A short ride to the foot of Maly Chimgan Peak by a vehicle. Ascent to Pesochny Pass (1827 m), from where you will see the valley of Chimgansay River and the village. Ascent to Small Chimgan Peak (2180 m). Surrounding mountains of the Eastern Tien Shan, the snowy peaks of neighboring countries: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the peak of the Big Chimgan (3310 m), and Charvak Lake of turquoise color can be well seen from there. Time for self-photo shooting. Descent to Chimgan Village. Time for lunch or a picnic. Time to refresh. Ride to Tashkent by a vehicle (Duration: 2 hours). Time for dinner in the city. Transfer to the railway station. Departure to Bukhara by a night train.
Night stay in 4 compartment wagons.

Morning arrival at the railway station. Ride to Bukhara (Distance – 13 km, Duration – 20 min). Breakfast at the hotel. City tour:

Mausoleum of Ismail Samani (IX-X cc)
Mausoleum of Chashma Ayub (XII - XVII cc)
Oriental bazaar of Bukhara
Bolo House Mosque (XVIII c)
Citadel Ark

Time for lunch. Time for rest at the hotel. City tour:

Ensemble of Lyabi Hauz
Trade dome Toki Sarrafon
Magoki Attori
Ensemble of Monuments Poi-i-Kalon: Kalon minaret (XII c), Kalon Mosque (XVI), and Miri Arab madrasah (XVI c).

Folklore show at one of the Bukharian madrasahs. Time for dinner. Night stay at the hotel.

Breakfast at the hotel. City tour:

Mecca of Central Asia - the Bagautdin Naqshbandi Complex
the summer residence of the emirs of Bukhara - Ensemble of Sitora-i-Mohi Hosa (XIX c)
Madrassah Chor Minor

Time for lunch. Free time to wander around and for shopping along the old streets of the city.
Time for dinner. Night stay at the hotel.

NOTE: upon request, we can arrange a culinary master-class at the house of one of the Bukharian family.

Trekking: Distance – 15 km, Duration – 5-6 hours, +/-350 meters above sea level

Time for breakfast and Check-out. Ride to the mountains by a vehicle at 08:00. On the way, we will stop in Rabati Malik (100 km from Bukhara) to inspect the ruins of the ancient Caravanserai of XI c and the well of Sardoba. Arrival in the mountainous terrain and meeting with porters, who will carry your luggage and camping equipment. Trekking along the picturesque gorge, admiring the untouched nature. Somewhere a good pass turns into a thin trail, created by animals and cattle. On the way, we will recognize many historical places, where primitive inhabitants created camps and left traces from those times. Nowadays, only a couple of such corners are left. However, they still exist, as they are secluded and are well-hidden from a human eye. Time for a picnic. Trekking along the vast expanses of the Central Asian steppe, bare mountain peaks. We will feel the gentle breeze, hear the singing of field larks and murmur of insects. After walking through the hills and amazing gorges, we will arrive at one of the old settlements near a river. Time for dinner. Night stay in tents.

Trekking: Distance – 15 km, Duration – 5-6 hours, +/-350 m above sea level

Time for breakfast and packing. Trekking towards the Shadyr-Shuldur Spring. This name means "bubbling". The spring has been existing for centuries and maybe the name was given by primitive humans. Many years ago, the armies of Alexander the Great stopped there. Several families are still living downstream along the river and rarely visit this spot. At first, we will walk along the river, which is deep in spring and dry in summer, picking up inconspicuous heights to the natural boundary of talas and poplars. Time for a picnic near ancient Hanaka - a one-room cottage with an outdoor bed, called Ayvan. Time for a picnic and rest. Ascent to the hill (1350 m) and then to Churra river, where we descend to the dried river for 15 minutes in order to ascent to the Cairma Pass (1300 m) and descend to the valley of the Shaldir river - Shouldur. On the way, it is possible to meet local shepherds, who graze Angora goats and astrakhan sheep. Setting a camp among bizarre rocks, a place where mulberry trees and wild fruit trees grow. A river flows nearby, the waters of which are crystal clear, and trout can be caught there.

Trekking: Distance – 16 km, Duration – 6-7 hours, +/-150 m above sea level

Time for breakfast and packing. Trekking to the valley of Barsa Kelmas River. The name is translated as “if you go there, there will not be a way back". The area is surrounded by mountains with huge granite and marble blocks of stones. Ascent to the pass of insignificant height (1370 m) that has no name. We will walk along the high wall and descend into the valley of "death". It is called so because it gets super dry in summer. However, in springtime lavender and wild pistachio trees grow there. Ascent to "Paradise Valley", where age-old plane trees, walnut, and mulberry trees grow. Trekking to the picturesque canyon of Hanoko and clean springs, which originate from under the rocky mountains. The vertical walls of the rocks of this gorge reach more than 500-600 meters. Afterwards, we will walk along the river through a mountain village, by getting acquainted with the way of life of local residents. We will also pass through other settlements to get into a wide valley, called Barca Kelmas. Time for a picnic in the grove of poplars. Setting the camp at an altitude of about 1000 m. Time for rest and dinner. Night stay in tents.

Trekking: Distance – 17 km, Duration – 6 hours, +600/-1200 m above sea level

Time for breakfast and packing. Trekking to Yaman Kechi Pass, which means “Bad goat” (1600 m). Descent to the village through a wide plateau. Many huge stones are located there, their shapes bring to mind a camel, gorilla, eagle, and even dinosaur. Time for a picnic. The village is based close to the foot of Kara-Tau Peak (1980 m). Descent to Dara Canyon. Accommodation in a private house. Time for dinner. Night stay in rooms per 3-4 persons or outside in the backyard of the house.

The road to Kizil-Kum is one of the greatest in Central Asia. Peace and magnificent nature represent the area. Rabindranath Tagore said:

"What a huge difference between a free and unspoiled world of nature and our daily vanity with its insignificant sorrowful troubles and disputes is!".

Time for breakfast and packing. Ride to the desert by a vehicle. Sightseeing on the way: the city of the Nurato oasis: the sacred spring, the mosque of Namozgokh and Juma, and the ruins of the fortress of Alexander the Great; old irrigation systems - Karizy. Approaching the destination, we will suddenly see a strip of water will flash out of the sands on the horizon. It is not a mirage! This is Aidarkul Lake. We'll stop by the lake for a picnic, and will take a chance to swim in the oasis. After a short rest, we will continue our journey to the yurt camp. Accommodation for 4 or 5 people in a yurt. A walk on sand dunes to explore flora and fauna and enjoy the sunset. Dinner by a bonfire, accompanied by the music of the local Akyn-Bard. Night stay in yurts.

Time for breakfast. Ride on two-humped camels along Aidarkul Lake. The most extensive areas of the Central Asian Deserts are occupied by sands. And the most diverse are yellow and reddish, dark and light, overgrown with plants that stop winds from dispelling the sand and almost naked, mobile and loose. During the day, the sand is very hot from the sun and burns the feet through the soles of the shoes, and at night it quickly cools and becomes even slightly damp. The sandy desert is so rich in a variety of plants due to moist layers, located under the dry surface ones. Sandy hills - barkhans - are interwoven with long roots of white and black saxaul plants, which blossom with wonderful desert acacias in spring and autumn. Trekking back to the camp on foot (8 km) studying flora and fauna. Time for rest and dinner. Akin will tell you story tales and sing songs by a bonfire fire. Night stay in the yurts.

Time for breakfast and packing. Ride to Samarkand by a vehicle. Our route will lay between Nurata mountain chain. Time for lunch upon arrival. Hotel Check-in. Time for rest. City tour:

Registan Square
Gur Emir Mausoleum

Time for dinner. Night stay in Samarkand.

Breakfast at the hotel and Check-out. City tour:

Bibi-Khanum Mosque
Siab Market
Shakhi Zinda Complex

Time for lunch. City tour:

Ulugbek’s Observatory

Transfer to the railway station. Departure to Tashkent by a bullet train at 17:00 (Arrival at 19:10). Transfer to the hotel and Check-in. Night stay in Tashkent.

Breakfast at the hotel and check-out. Transfer to the airport.

- Folklore show;
- Meeting and seeing off at the airports and railway stations;
- 1L of drinking water on each excursion day;
- Entrance fees to all listed above sights;
- Railway tickets;
- TWIN/DBL room accomodation;
- Meals;
- Accident insurance;
- Air tickets;
- Rent of mobile fans;
- Rent of all necessary equipment for hikes;
- Half board/Full board;
- SNGL room accomodation;

Upon Request

  1. duration of the tour,
  2. number of excursions,
  3. tourist facilities,
  4. vehicles,
  5. services of a guide speaking a different language,

and other components of the tour can be changed in accordance with the wishes of the customer. At the same time, the cost of the tour will vary depending on the level of personalization.

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