Discover Bukhara 02
Trip Length 2 days
Trip Style City Tour
Itinerary Bukhara
Best Time to Travel All year round
Maximum Number of Passengers up to 30 people in one group
Price 91$

A two-day city tour in Bukhara is an exciting program that allows you to see this famous city in all its glory and grandeur.

The city of Bukhara appeared in the middle of the 1st millennium BC. In antiquity, it was part of one of the regions of Central Asia - Sogd, where in the times of Alexander the Great a town-planning structure was developed. There are various versions of the origin of the city name: some state that the word “Bukhara” means “monastery”, others - “the abode of knowledge”. The center of Bukhara was the Ark fortress, where the rulers and their entourage lived. Behind its walls was the city itself - “Shahristan”. It was surrounded by trade and craft suburbs - "Rabad". Since the Great Silk Road ran through Bukhara, there were more than 60 caravanserais where merchants from India, China, Iran and other countries were located. A city tour covers these and many other historical sites that have survived to our days and are valuable UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Meeting with Ulysse Tour representatives. City tour:

Chashma Ayub Well
Ismail Samani Mausoleum
Bolo Khaus Mosque

Lunch break. City tour:

Ark Citadel
Poi Kalon Complex
Trading domes
Lyabi Khaus Complex

The end of the first excursion day.

Meeting with Ulysse Tour representatives and a ride to the countryside sightseeing:

Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace
Bakhauddin Nakshbandy Mausoleum
Chor - Bakr Necropolis

Transfer back to the city. Tthe end of the tour.

- Entrance fees to all listed above sights;
- Air tickets;
- Railway tickets;
- Half board/Full board;
- Reservation at restaurants;

Upon request

Also, the duration of the tour, the number of excursions, tourist facilities, vehicles, as well as the services of a guide speaking a different language, can be changed in accordance with the wishes of a customer. At the same time, the cost of the tour will vary depending on the level of personalization.

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